Wednesday, September 27, 2017

WATCH | Pacquiao Punches Bodyguard, Protecting Beverly Ann Sotto's Rights

As Filipinos, we got used to seeing boxers fight their ways on the ring. As much as we enjoy watching them, nobody in their right minds would not want to be in the receiving end of those punches.

Unfortunately, one of boxer-turned-politician Senator Manny Pacquiao's bodyguard experienced this and it is not something that was uncalled for.

Pacquiao reportedly punched one of his bodyguards who allegedly disrespected Beverly Ann Sotto. Beverly is a staff and niece of Senator Vicente Sotto, who upon being disrespected, turned to her uncle to tell the story.

According to Beverly, the harassment happened last September 4 inside the VIP elevator. Retelling the account, she said that she was alone with the elevator lady until they reached the 6th floor, on the 5th floor, Senator Pacquiao and his bodyguard entered the elevator.

Immediately, one of the bodyguards went in front of Sotto and even stepped on her foot. As if that was not enough, the bodyguard allegedly raised his hand, resulting to Sotto being trapped further behind him.

Sotto recounted this tale to her uncle, who then told Pacquiao about it. Sotto also said that Pacquiao should reprimand the bodyguard for acting that way, but Pacquiao had other plans.

According to Sotto, instead of just reprimanding the bodyguard, Pacquiao punched him in the stomach, resulting to him not being able to eat for a day.
“Sinumbong ko kay Pacquiao. Sabi ko paga­litan mo na lang. Sabi eh, hindi. Hindi pwedeng pagalitan ko ito, sabi nya uumbagin ko ito. Sinikmuraan. Maghapon daw na hindi nakakain. Ayun nakatikim,”
The identity of the bodyguard is still unknown, but there are rumors that his name is "Noel." Noel allegedly came from the Philippine Army.

Source: Trending News Portal , Politiko