Monday, February 6, 2017

Watch: Leila de Lima nagwala matapos tawaging 'Drug trafficker' sa pagdinig kaugnay sa Death Penalty

Senator Leila De Lima fumes once again after she was called a ‘drug trafficker’ by Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) Legal Counsel Attorney Ferdinand Topacio during the Senate hearing on Death Penalty on Tuesday.

After Topacio’s speech during the Hearing, Senator De Lima didn’t resisted to react on what the lawyer supposedly stated and the former wanted him to withdraw his statement.

“Attorney Topacio here, while not in very expressed terms just called me a drug trafficker. I want him to take that back,” De Lima told Topacio.

Topacio responded: “With all due respect. I did not know such things. In fact, the transcript of the record will bare me out that I say that whether those charges may be proven or not we do not know — these are allegations your honor.”

Delima, however, questioned why Topacio only accused her, claiming she was not a drug trafficker.

“But of all people, why singled out only Senator Leila De Lima. I’m not a drug trafficker! Bakit hindi mo pangalanan yung mga tunay na drug trafficker —ako lang ang kinakasuhan niyo.”

Watch the video below: