Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Radio Host to Trillanes: Not unless you show the burden of proof, the people will catch you and hang in the bridge of sin

Nabigay ng pahayag ang isang radio host na si Ed Dan Verzola tungkol kay Trillanes at tila nagbigay ng babala sa senador baka kuyugin ito ng mga taong galit na sa kanya. 

 Basahin ang post na nasa ibaba: 

 This man USED Magdalo. He was never its leader but only "volunteered" to be the group's spokesman. Proven, this "sundalong kanin" proved to be high on his head.


He was elected to senate. He never have had good thing performed but acted more as "destroyer" of people he can bully. He did one worse when his PMA senior whom he accused of massive corruption teling the people and the senate he is 100% sure of his attacks against the person.
The "man" can no longer take the shaming ending his life in his mother's cemetery and shoot himself and died.
After that, when this "sundalong kanin" was asked of his concrete proof, he solidly said, i am not even sure if all this documents and information are true (?)!

He did it again last before this new attack was against former vice president Jejomar Binay tinking what he wqas doing will catapult him to his ambition of becoming a vice president himself.
During the May 2016 elections, he tried hard to push out every "enemy" of Liberal Party engaging dirty tricks and destructive accusations, heaviest that campaign period was against PRESIDENT RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE.
All went in kaput since the majority of our people, almost 17 million voted for the Mayor of Davao City.
Now he is barking all over again with the same old accusations against the President. P2 billion and more among his family members?
This time Mr. Sundalong Kanin, you game is ending. Not unless ypou show the burden of proof, the people will catch you and hang in the bridge of sin.
Pray you can hide with the wrath of the people you keep fooling around. Bastard!