Thursday, January 19, 2017

BREAKING! Journalist, Ibinunyag Kung Sino Ang Nasa Likod Ng Troll Army Ni VP Leni!

Sa isang pasabog na Facebook post, ibinunyag ng journalist na si Jojo Robles kung sino ang tao na nangunguna sa mga troll army ni VP Leni. At ito raw ay walang iba kundi si Ricky Carandang, ang dating head ng Presidential Communication Development and Strategic Planning Office (PCDSPO) noong panahon ni Ex-President Aquino. Si Carandang ay naging reporter at anchor din ng mga programa ng ABS-CBN.

THE NEW ADVENTURES OF THE DUNGSTER. I’ve already revealed what Ricky “Sayang Ang Miles” Carandang’s new job is, that of chief drumbeater and troll-master of Aling Leni. But wait, there’s more:
The value proposition of Ricky is not just his supposed PR/propaganda dirty ops skills. These days, he also claims to be able to influence two key departments, one of them based in Malacanang Palace itself and the other headed by a Cabinet member whose family is currently paying his salary.

Carandang brags that he still has people embedded in the palace press office who can “influence” the news. And his “asset” who is the secretary of a key Department is supposedly able to help make regulatory problems go away for deep-pocketed investors who decide to use his pricey services.
As for the secretary’s family, which is diehard Yellow, they took Ricky in when his previous employer, a controversial businessman supposedly in the crosshairs of Duterte, unloaded him on the clan because the Constipated One was too identified with Roxas and the rest of the Yellow gang. If the trader wanted to make peace with the new administration, Ricky (who was really corporate deadwood and an accommodation to Mar) had to go. So he had to be taken in by the family of the Cabinet secretary, who also used to be his employer.

This is Leni’s media and online guru. And I’m certain his salary from the low-key outfit he now works for is way too small to fund his real job of selling the VP and attacking her online critics. Who also pays for this campaign?
More later.