Friday, December 23, 2016

BREAKING : Germany Advocate Slaps Leila De Lima Amid Exchanges

BERLIN–Germany advocate has this afternoon slapped Philippines Senator Leila de Lima who according to an eye witness she tried to hang on his coats.

Speaking to our correspondent,the eye witness said the senator was seated next to the Germany advocate when she gave her a document to move certain topic to floor but the advocate rejected. “She became bitter when the advocate denied her quest to move certain agenda to the house.At the end of the conference the senator blocked the advocate at the exit door,the situation became unbearable for the advocate forcing him to slap the lady,”said the eye witness(name withheld) 

 But as we were investigating the source of their differences, inner circles of the Philippines Senator indicated that the duo have been in love affair for over two years now but the advocate feels is the high time to cut his ties with the Senator following her accusations on drugs trafficking in the Philippines.
The two were attending 2016 Annual conference on Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin,German which ended on 19th December.