Wednesday, October 12, 2016

JUST IN: Senator Manny Pacquiao Needs More Filipino Supporters To Restore Death Penalty

By Alon Calinao Dy: Senator Manny Pacquiao does not only like the restoration of DEATH PENALTY in the Philippines but he pushes it because he knows exactly how it feels to live in the streets where he already saw different crimes committed by criminals using illegal drugs and those who used to harm innocent people.

Pacquiao strongly believes that those people who are planning of committing heinous crimes would think twice, thrice and more if they know there is a capital punishment in the Philippines. In the recent debate, Pacquiao slammed Sen. Leila De Lima who opposed to bring back the death penalty in the country. Pacquiao said to De Lima that death penalty was on the Holy Bible and that God permitted it to eliminate those evildoers. 

 Often the teachings of religious groups have a lot of contradictions to what is truly happening in the real world. The word, "Though Shall Not Kill" from God, does not mean that you will not defend yourself at all times against criminals and be one of their victims. I thought about this for a long time after I graduated from a high school seminary till now I am a professional registered nurse but it's hard to believe why some religious leaders do not care much about life. I admit life is so precious that is worth fighting for.
I just don't understand why we let criminals live in order for the innocent people to suffer. That's not fair and seems our religious faith blinded us not to see the whole truth as we let our future control by others. What people need to understand that God had given everyone a WILL. That Will constitutes a huge of responsibilities. So whatever people's do, one should be accountable for their actions. I think if you really care about the lives of other people, stop letting these criminals spread their wings and should be punished with death if they killed innocent people. Just like Senator Pacquiao, Senator Tito Sotto, Sen. Cayetano, and President Rodrigo Duterte, life is too precious that Filipinos should not take for granted because when it's gone, it's gone and there's no second time. But first, Filipinos should fix our corrupt government system and reinstate death penalty in the country.