Tuesday, September 13, 2016

WATCH: You Won’t Believe What Japan Calls President Duterte

President Duterte has been attracting international media attention. Just recently, a TV show in Japan actually featured him.

A video uploaded by a Filipina residing there shows that President Duterte has been the topic of one show there. The TV show has a panel of people who is stating their opinions. Asian Policy website asked the Filipina to translate the show for them since it is in Japanese and it has no subtitle.

According to Marjorie, the Filipina who uploaded the video, the panel was talking about the controversial remark that President Duterte recently gave. There is a range of issues and each of the panel gives their opinion about it.

Duterte has a penchant for swearing.

Regarding this issue, one panelist who was apparently a lawyer, explained that President Duterte’s swearing is not really meant to slander, but more of an expression. He said that it is just like how some people us ‘fuck’ or ‘damn’ freely.

Duterte’s family background.

 They also talked about the President’s family background. His mother was a public school teacher and his father was a lawyer. In the show, the President’s children, Sara, Paolo, Baste and Veronica were also mentioned.

Duterte as a Mayor of Davao.

The female host demonstrated to the panel what President Duterte was able to do while he was the mayor of Davao City. She emphasized Duterte’s accomplishments in the aspects of peace and order, economic and job generation. The host specifically cited how Davao was once a dirty and lawless city which Duterte was able to transform into a premiere city with a safe environment.

Central 911

The female host also explained about how Duterte was able establish a central 911 for emergencies and other policies that surely made an impact on the lives of the people living in Davao.

Duterte’s honesty and dedication

A photo was shown where Duterte has his feet on the table while in an interview. One panelist said that was so unbecoming of him, but another one corrected him and said that Duterte was merely showing the media that he has no socks.

The instance wherein the President was seen riding in his Harley-Davidson bike to patrol his city was brought up. The panelist found it amusing and gave him praise for his undeniable dedication to his people.

Duterte’s trust rating

The trust rating of Duterte which is at 91% was also mentioned in the show. The honest taxi drivers of Davao also didn’t escape the limelight.

As a conclusion, the panelists recognized Duterte as someone who has a penchant in swearing but also described him as a ‘Sugoi’ President which literally means great or awesome in English.

Watch the full video below:

Source; newstitans, FB