Friday, September 23, 2016

WATCH: Robin Padilla Nagalit At Gustong Ipasurrender Na Ang Mga Celebrity Drug Dealers - Must Read!

Superstar actor Robin Padilla urged the drug pushers in show business to finally put an end to their illegal activities and to surrender themselves peacefully to the authorities.

“Kung pusher kang artista, tigilan mo na ‘yan, sumurender ka sa pulis,” the action star said.

(If you are an artist who is a pusher, stop that and surrender to the police.)

However, Robin Padilla has a different opinion of celebrities who have become addicted to using drugs. The actor explained that celebrity drug users deserve sympathy because they are just victims of the drug dealers.

He also encouraged drug users to undergo rehabilitation in order to get their lives back on track.

“Siguro kung user ka, matutulungan kita sa rehabilitation, kasi kailangan ‘yan. May rehabilitation,” Padilla said.

(Maybe, if you are a user, I can help you get rehabilitation because that is necessary. There is rehabilitation.)

On the other hand, Padilla also seemed to have implied that he does not believe in helping and rehabilitating drug pushers.

“Pero pusher, sorry, wala akong lugar para sa inyo. Problema kayo. Talagang nagdudusa ang bayan dahil sa inyo,” the actor explained.

(But to the pushers, sorry, I do not have sympathy for you. You create problems. Our country is really suffering because of you.)

As for his controversial opinion that the government should not release the names of the celebrities who use illegal drugs, the actor said that he has not changed his mind.

“Kung ikaw naman ay user, biktima ka… Hindi ako nagbabago-bago ng opinion,” he said.

(If you are a user, you are a victim... I am not the type of person who constantly changes his opinion.)

Robin Padilla is an ex-convict who was able to turn his life around. He is also one of the most famous celebrity supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte.