Sunday, September 11, 2016

SHOCKING NEWS: LP plan to replace Duterte with Leni Robredo? - Must Read This!

I made many predictions in the past most of which happened. This is a gift from God who continues to guide and inspire me.

In my postings a few days ago, I talked of the Opposition plan to destroy Duterte. Today around the world black propaganda about our president is being spread by foreign media, particularly in the US and Australia whose ambassadors here have received a scolding from Duterte not to meddle in our internal affairs.

I also wrote about the LP plan to replace Duterte with Leni Robredo. The LP spokesman Philip Lustre responsible for many attacks against Duterte on fb posted recently that Leni is being told to be ready to take over which is what I had said a few days ago. The LP is confident its plan will succeed because it believes the US government is amenable to the idea.

This is what I meant when I wrote in previous postings that our country and its president face imminent danger.

If we do not act to pre-empt this threat by the people granting Duterte revolutionary powers, I said, it could be too late. The time to act is now.
The Opposition is trying to gain control of the social media. Expect many distortions and disinformation in the days ahead. Dutertistas, beware.

Check the sources carefully before reacting emotionally. It is part of the Opposition plan to confuse people by discrediting the president with all kind of false stories.

I also advise the president’s security to guard carefully the president. There are several assassination plots being hatched with the connivance of Antonio Trillanes and Marcelo Garbo.

I foresee things to get worse before they get better. The Opposition is desperate and desperate people do desperate things. As I posted some time back, it will be a fight to the finish and it could be bloody. 

Source: newstitans,