Wednesday, September 7, 2016

ACTUAL FOOTAGE: Military versus Abu Sayyaf War; Clash Caught On Camera! - Must Watch!

The AFP continues its intensified operations in Sulu upon the pronouncement of the government that they are about to wage an all-out war against the notorious Abu Sayyaf. This is after 15 soldiers died in a clash after facing the ASG group. 

The government added additional 5 battalions to the existing troops based in Sulu which is equivalent to 2,500 soldiers. All in all, the government has concentrated a force of 7,000 soldiers to defeat the terrorists that has been causing many attacks in the country for the last 10 years. 

Recently, the AFP reported to have conducted a concentrated offensive attack against the Abu Sayyaf (ASG)  and has greatly damage the terrorists. According to reports, 40 memebers of the Abu Sayyaf were killed while 25 terrorists were injured. This was the first ever counter-offensive operation of the AFP under President Rodrigo Duterte's leadership. They shared that they rained the Abu Sayyaf with artillery fire and air attacks from helicopters conducted by thousands of military infantry. 

Another attack were captured in a video and immediately went viral. A Simba Tank was very visible in the video attacking the hiding Abu Sayyaf. Gun fires were also heard as ASG is trying to counter the attack. So far, no military is reportedly injured with the series of attacks done by the AFP. They are also yet to confirm the overall damage done to the enemy. 

Source:  TNP Juanduterte Facebook