Monday, August 22, 2016

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano have slammed Senator Leila De Lima's insistence of "extra-judicial killing" - Must Watch!

The long awaited senate probe on the cases of extra-judicial killing initiated by former Justice Secretary and Senator Leila De Lima have finally come.

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano have slammed Senator Leila De Lima's insistence of "extra-judicial killing" under the new administration on his opening statement.

"Are we using the term 'extra-judicial killing' to discredit the PNP and the Duterte administration?" Senator Cayetano said.

Cayetano said he hoped the commision of human rights would educate the people and the media on the idea that all deaths are "extra-judicial" when it is apparently not based on operational definition.

"There is a need for a clear-cut definition of what 'extrajudicial killing' is. The name is a mismoner since every killing, outside death penalty, is extrajudicial," he added. 

Cayetano revealed that the Aquino administration, known as allies of De Lima, have created AO 35 that clarifies and specified the term extra-judicial for operational definition. 

A.O. 35 specifically notes that unless a member of a political, environmental, agrarian or labor organization, a media practitioner, or those perceived to be members and advocates have been killed, then it is not considered by law as extra-judicial killing.

"Ibig sabihin po labor leader ka, media ka, religious leader, pinatay ka dahil sa paniniwala mo," Cayetano said emphasizing that it was specifically made by the Aquino administration.

Furthermore, he showed an exhibit showing that Senator Leila De Lima herself signed on the A.O. during her term as the Justice Secretary and she should have known herself what the term meant before probing the senate to investigate.

Cayetano also presented proof claiming that on the contrary to most belief, the death rate on the country have went down by one-third compared to previous administrations.
"Basically failure ang kanilang watch pagdating sa pagreresolve ng extra-judicial killings," the senator said pertaining to the killings during the past administration. "Bakit hindi na lang yun muna ang imbestigahan natin bago sa extra-judicial killings ngayon. O okay lang dati ngayon masama?"

 Source: CNN



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  1. I was never a supporter of Sen. Alan Peter Cayatano but I agree with him that there is a need to educate the public as to what extrajudicial killing legally means. Kapag kasi narinig ng common na tao ang term na iyon, yung part na lang na "killing" ang nagre-register sa isip nila kaya parang asama ng dating.

    I also agree when Sen. Cayatano said that people are beginning to feel safer when they walk along the streets even at night. Sabi nga sa amin eh baligtad na ngayon...mga addict na ang takot lumabas. I personally feel that way din, I'm more at ease walking around my community. Sabihin man nila na mas marami ang small time na addict lang ang nahuhuli, that is still a big deal. Almost always, these "small time" drug pushers/users are the ones committing most of the crimes. The big drug lords rake in much of the money, yes, no doubt about that, but still, these small time addicts and pushers are the ones committing rape, murder, theft, robbery among other crimes. Small time man, they are still the ones making streets into dangerous places where a woman can just be raped or killed for no reason. At dahil nga malaki ang nabaswas sa kanila, mas safe ang mga communities. Sen. Cayatano's statistics on crime makes sense.

    As a believer in Christ, I too am concerned with all the killings. A death is a death, regardless of who committed it, and we should not let the killings go out of hand. That said, aminin natin that the steps taken by the government in its war against drugs are not perfect and not entirely clean, but bickering in the senate, throwing punches against those who oppose you and going hysterical in your own press conference will not make things any better. To our leaders in the government, be it in the executive, legislative or the judiciary, you are supposed to lead the country and we, the masses, look up to you. How could you do your job if you are too busy bickering and covering up your own mess? Medyo nagmumuka na kasing kwento ng galing sa komiks ang politika natin. Umayos naman tayo.