Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Sen. Ping Lacson believes the information of Pres. Duterte about PNP Generals are valid and reliable - Must Read This!

Amidst the many reactions and doubts expressed by different people including the denials of the 5 named PNP Generals, Sen. Panfilo Lacson expressed his conviction that President Rodrigo Duterte based his allegations from very valid and reliable information.

In the report of Christine O. Avendaño of the, Sen. Lacson was quoted saying: “the commander-in-chief, more than anybody in this country, is in the best position to have access to all these vital and sensitive information and I have no reason to doubt or question its validity.” 

The former PNP Chief during the Estrada administration disclosed that he heard of same information from his subordinates in the defunct Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Task Force (PAOCTF) about two Generals during the campaign period. He did not identity who these Generals were. But he stressed that: “All I’m saying is, since the President himself mentioned those two names among the five, he must have good basis in what he divulged, especially if he had a different source of that information.”

Nevertheless, the re-elected Senator expressed that these high ranking police officials should not be subjected to trial by publicity. He said: “And while there is no final verdict yesterday, they should not be subjected to trial by publicity because the children and family who are not involved here are affected.”

Meanwhile in the ABS-CBN News report, National Police Commission vice chairman Rogelio Casurao informed the journalists that three of the five PNP Generals accused of drug involvement are facing investigation and the findings will be released after a month. It appears that this is not an easy job for them. He said: “This is quite an experience. It’s a challenge actually, how to go about your mandate on five PNP officials who are practically at the apex of the PNP.” But he made an assurance that they will do their mandate: “We can assure that even with this kind of situation, the full force of the law in our mandate as a disciplinary body will be applied without sacrificing due process.” The two other Generals who were named are already retired from service.