Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Mar Roxas: Laglag-Bala Not a Government Problem But the Passengers’ Responsibility - Must Read This!

Presidential candidate and Liberal Party standard-bearer for the upcoming national election, former DILG Secretary Mar Roxas issued a statement that caught the netizens attentions. According to Mar Roxas, the laglag-bala controversy in NAIA is not a government’s problem but its the passengers responsibility.

In an interview with Rappler, presidential candidate Mar Roxas was quoted as saying “Kung nagpasok ka ng contraband sa airport, paano naging problema ng gobyerno ’yun?” (If you enter the airport with contraband, then how does that become the government’s problem?)” Mar Roxas stated. 

The former DILG Secretary defended the Aquino administration over the laglag-bala controversy at the NAIA and noted that the passengers should take the responsibility when they get caught with bullets on their luggage.

Mar Roxas also stated that the controversial lag-lag bala issue may be part of a demolition job against the Aquino administration especially right now that the Philippines will be hosting the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit. 

The lag-lag bala controversy at the NAIA already caught the attentions of international news media organization although the government claimed earlier that the incident was just an isolated case.