Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Mar Roxas And 5 Generals Connection? Must Read This!

What are the connections between Mar Roxas and the 5 generals involved on illegal drug trade recently named by President Rodrigo Duterte?

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Pagdilao and Diaz are 1984 alumni of the Philippine Military Academy, the class that has as one of its "received" mistahs (colleagues) losing presidential hopeful and previous interior secretary Manuel "Mar" Roxas II.

Garbo, then again, was once considered for PNP chief when Roxas was still interior secretary. Garbo was even supported to the position by previous Senate President Franklin Drilon.

Diaz was among the police officers found in a hotel at the peak of the May poll campaign, the same hotel where Roxas' campaign staff were also seen meeting. Diaz was at the time police head of Western Visayas, a known territory of Roxas.

Dela Rosa said the included generals can "answer to me at whatever time of the day." He additionally gave confirmations that he would "hear their side."

Concerning the two who are resigned, Garbo and Loot, Dela Rosa said he can't urge them to report since they are not under his ward. Be that as it may, with enough proof, they can be attempted in court as regular citizen guilty parties.

Dele Rosa said that with respect to the retired, they will be dealt with as plain non military personnel guilty parties. They will experience the standard procedure. You require proof. In the event that you have it, file a case.

Source: Rappler