Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Duterte Will Raise Teachers Salary By This Year. Find Out How Much? - Must Read This!

President Rodrigo Duterte declared his plan to add a P10,000.00 salary increase to all public school teachers as he talked to journalists lately together with his Senator Alan Peter Cayetano.
Within an noticeable observe  to Malacanang  where the Christmas bonus  for the teachers this coming year was taken out, Mayor Duterte stated that the teachers under his Presidency have a ‘merry Christmas’ simply because they will love more positive aspects and Christmas bonuses in spite of a salary increase. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte cleared up this really is over the marked by contrversy  Salary Standardization Law glided by Congress lately.

Let us end the sad Christmases of teachers. The teachers are not supposed to get the short end of the stick and get neglected. The teachers could expect a courageous solution and speedy action to raise their salaryand other pertinent benefits.

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On top of that, Senator Cayetano criticizes the Aquino government for the little salary increase for basic level position. In addition, from the new SLS (Salary Standardization Law) approved lately, entry level teachers can expect to have a 12 % increase of their salary, staggered in 4 years. This implies, the new teacher could assume approximately 500 peso raise annually.

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Cayetano added the fact that government needs to have resolved the compensation program for the teachers. Rather thegovernment aimed their efforts in using the bad compensation program. Senator Cayetano happens to be talking about the performance-based bonus system applied by the DepEd  which offers incentive to teachers based upon their overall performance.
Senator Peter Cayetano has been quoted by the PhilStar media reporter and stated,

This what Mayor Duterte and I want to end. We will restore the dignity of the teaching profession. No more cheapskate wage increases which do not address burdensome taxes, cost of living and living conditions in gene­ral.

At this time, there will be no exact date when the additional salary take effect.