Monday, July 4, 2016

Develop Clark International Airport To Become An Alternative To NAIA Orders Duterte. Must Read This!

CLARK FREEPORT—President Duterte's order to develop the Clark International Airport (CRK) was greatly commended with guarded optimism.

Alex Cauguiran, leader of the recently assembled coalition Advocacy for Dual Airport Priority (Adapt), said the President's proposition "approved his announcement" about making the CRK a dynamic worldwide door.

"I trust he is genuine in building up the CRK. He said he would dishearten new factories in Metro Manila and rather prompt them outside," said Cauguiran, who met with the President on June 13.

"We also talked about that for the improvement of Clark, support services, businesses, investments and job generation will take after and all these will prompt advancement in the area," Cauguiran included.

Ruperto Cruz, chairman of the multisectoral coalition Pinoy Gumising Ka Movement, said that they support the President's guideline to Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade in the first Cabinet meeting to create Clark.

Tugade, said that he would "truly implement" the President's orders concerning Clark and the CRK. Clark used to be a US Air Force base while the CRK once served as the Military Airlift Command inside the base. These offices shut after the Philippine Senate requested the conclusion of American bases in the nation.

President Duterte tended to Metro Manila's traffic issues by proposing a road to Pampanga airport so that some domestic flights can be transferred there.

The President also added that to avoid clogging in [Ninoy Aquino International Airport], just transfer some flights to Pampanga through a road network that goes straight to Pampanga and Clark so that we can use the [CRK].

President Duterte also said during his campaign that a fast train that connects Manila to Clark will make CRK useful to travelers.

Source: Inquirer